West Lothian's longest established kitchen specialist. Est. 1977.
Showroom currently closed during our transistion to internet trading.


While JRW undergoes the transistion to internet trading we are currently not taking on new enquiries for designs and installations.

We will however be back up and running on 21st May when our transistion period has completed and we will  once again be able to design, build and install your dream kitchen. 


What is the most important thing that you look for when deciding on who to buy your new dream fitted kitchen from.

is it Price ? Quality? Style? Design? Local company ? Small business or National giant?  Length of warranty ? Service ?

It may be all of these but the most important aspect that should be top of your list head and shoulders above everything else is the quality of the installation.

It matters not how cheap or expensive your units are or how high in quality they are. The only important consideration is how well they are going to be installed and how those installation  procedures are carried out. The system.

JRW are certainly West Lothian’s and  one of  Scotland’s longest established kitchen specialist having survived three recessions and 40 years of good and bad economic times. How is that possible ? 40 years is a very very very long time in an industry much maligned with many a tale of disasters and unhappy customers.

What has been our secret formula for success ?  Quite simple really.  We keep it in the family.

That means that from the initial design right through to the all important installation it is a family member that is undertaking those tasks and ensuring that everything is the way it is supposed to be and that you the customer are not just happy but delighted and thrilled at the end result, the finished article, your dream kitchen which you will enjoy the use of for decades.

There have  been changes here at JRW in early 2018 as after 40 long years of creating happy bunnies it is time to do things a little differently.

When  JRW was founded way back in 1977 there was no internet, no texting, no social media, no emails, no mobile phones. People communicated mainly by post and landline phone calls. How  things have changed in what is just a blip in time. We now click on a keyboard to buy an item and have it delivered the same day free of charge such is the dramatic way buying methods have so radically changed. It’s great. Easy. Trouble free. Most people agree this is the way forward. It’s progress.

Those  firms that do not change with the times are generally  left behind, flounder and close.

At JRW we have for many years resisted the onslaught of the internet juggernaut and have continued to offer a personal face to face service through personal interaction in our showroom and installation processes but have found it increasingly difficult to counter the “ I can buy it cheaper online but want you to fit it brigade “ and have been somewhat forced albeit reluctantly to go with the flow and change the way we work.

Now you may well enjoy the thrill of the chase and love it when a salesman pounces on you the second you cross the showroom threshold and then once engaged with said salesman have a lengthy chat with him/her about your new kitchen despite the fact that they have very likely never fitted a kitchen in their lives and don’t know an RCD from a Toby key.

The question you should be asking that person is this. Who is going to fit my kitchen and are you going to guarantee that I  will be happy with what they do ?  If they can answer that question in a way that you are happy with then great, fantastic and good luck . Place your order and we wish you the very best of luck.

At JRW if you ask that question we will answer you with a name and a guarantee that you will be not just be happy but ecstatic with what that person will achieve for you. Why? Because that person is family, cares about what he does and about what you think about what he does and how he does it.

That should be the only thing that matters in your quest for that new dream kitchen.

So what is it that we have changed exactly after 4o years of doing it a certain way ?

Firstly, we have decided to close our showroom and use the websites of our trusted suppliers to show in a far better way the massive range of products we offer. Our showroom has served it’s purpose very well and run it’s course but  no longer meets the needs of us or our clients.

Secondly we no longer offer a free in house consultation as the starting point.

Instead we start off the process with an emailed questionnaire that can easily be completed online that allows us to supply an initial draft design and estimate. Only after that initial design and estimate has been given your approval would we then offer a home consultation with the most important person you will meet in your kitchen project which is your  fitter. That consultation costs £150 and for that fee you receive an in depth consultation about every aspect of your kitchen, a sample door of your chosen kitchen that can be used as part of the installation plus high quality plan, front elevations, cad images showing exactly how your finished kitchen will look plus a detailed itemised quotation.

After the results of that consultation have been received we then finalise a Design and cost.

A 25% deposit is payable and a date for your installation is then given.

You then receive the best installation service money can buy.

Thirdly, whilst the installation is still undertaken by the same skilled tradesmen that have been fitting for us for many years this part of the service is no longer “in house “ and is now a separate entity trading as DF Installations.

This all important part of the service is now run in a vat free way saving you hundreds of pounds in tax.

This allows JRW to remain competitive and offset most if not all of the numerous price increases created by the Brexit referendum.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest and if that is your goal then give us a miss.

We do claim however to offer the very best in quality and a superb installation service now through our partners DF Installations.

If what you have just read floats your boat then click on our contact page and drop us a line.

Might be the best decision you ever made.

While JRW undergoes the transistion to internet trading we are currently not taking on new enquiries for designs and installations.

We will however be back up and running on 21st May when our transistion period has completed and we will once again be able to design, build and install your dream kitchen










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A family run business with over 40 years in the industry. JRW Kitchens continues to grow and provide professionally fitted kitchens with a first class service. We offer a unique installation service and no obligation estimations.